About Us

Quality Ceramics was established in 1985 and became Quality Ceramics Limited in 2013. Throughout the years our company has grown in staff and technology. We have 2 Armann Girbach Milling machines in house with a 3shape scanner used for designing. Having the 5 axis milling machine available it has opened up opportunities for a range of materials that we can use to create the desired restoration.


Quality Ceramics Limited has always understood the importance of keeping a high standard of customer service and also a high level across all elements of the laboratory. To ensure we offer this high standard we pride ourselves in being registered with DLA, British Dental Technology, British Bite Mark and DAMAS. If you require any of the certificates regarding these registrations please contact the laboratory and we can offer emailed copies or hard copies.

Meet the team


Roger Hinkins GDC 153759 & Steven Bertolini GDC 153599

Roger and Steve had worked together for a number of years before starting Quality Ceramics. Roger mainly controls the CAD CAM Scanning and Designing for the company. Steve is our ceramic specialist and is always researching and keeping up to date with new techniques that can improve the products we supply. With the company being DAMAS registered one of the more important jobs as directors Roger and Steve have to complete is to ensure all DAMAS requirements are being met and then check every case that is ready to pack and be returned to surgery.



Tracy has been a ceramist technician since 1981 and been working at Quality Ceramics since 2013. Creating beautiful porcelain bonded crowns & bridges, all ceramic and composite restorations. She takes every case as an individual and understands how important the beauty of each restoration is to each patient.

Steve joined Quality Ceramics in 2018 with a wealth of experience in ceramics, including implant restorations, bonded and all ceramic restorations.


Cad-Cam Design

Jon has been with Quality Ceramics since 2000 he has worked within many areas of the laboratory from model room to working with the Lava machine and Copings when we had the 3m Lava Milling machine. With this experience it has been easy for Jon to become a Dental Cad-Cam Designer. Using 3Shape Scanner System and Armann Girbach Milling Machines he is in control ensuring each case is designed and milled correctly.