Quality Ceramics understands the importance of knowledge and technology. we aim to show this in our products available. trying to cover majority of the possible needs for each individual patient.

Product catorgories: 



IPS Emax


- A innovative lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingot available in 5 translucency levels.
- A range of colours and translucency options helps to create a more lifelike result.

- Proven strength in the material for long lasting results.

- Veneers, Crowns, Anterior Bridges, Inlays and Onlays are available in this material.


For further information please contact Quality Ceramics Limited 01444 236686 we have available official patient information leaflets.                                                          


ZR Ceram


- Combining strength and aesthetics using the in-house milling machines and high quality Zirconia for the sub structure.  

 - The zirconia substructure is stained to match the base shade of the tooth. This benefits by having the same shade colour through the whole crown or bridge.

- Can be used for single crowns and multiple bridge units.

- Designed on the 3shape scanning system have full control with all aspects of the substructure from thickness to fitting settings.

- 3 year Substructure Guarantee

ZR Full Contour


- A milled full morphology substructure offering a high level of strength needed for bruxit patients.

- A more asthetic replacement for full metal crowns.

- The substructure is stained in a base shade so has the same colour through the whole tooth. It is then painted with different stains if needed and then glazed to give it a lifelike tooth appearance.

- 3 year Substructure Guarantee

Porcelain Bonded


- Porcelain fused to metal is still a very functional and reliable choice, with strength for crowns and bridge units.

- Available in Non -Precious and Precious alloy.

- The Non-precious alloy we use is Beryllium and Nickel free. If you would like to see the full composition list please ask the laboratory.
















(Image shows Sintron non-precious metal frame for porcelain to be added to.)



- Single units or full mouth restorations we have experience in them all.

- There are many different implant systems available and because of this we are continuously training in all of the latest techniques and systems.

- Adam is our Straumann Platinum Approved technician but also has extensive experience in many of the implant systems available.



Mouth Guard / Bleach Trays


- Sports mouth guards are important for many different sports and we understand how important it is to know that it has been made to a high standard.

- Using a range of thicknesses, colours and multi colours to make bespokly to your patients impression and needs.