Intraoral Scanning

We have always strived to keep up with technology within dentistry. With having the scanners and milling machines in house we can accept Intraoral scans from any surgery. Using the scan sent from surgery we are able to design the restoration of your choice, either to produce a model for the milled restoration to be finished on before fitting or send a finished restoration to your surgery at only the cost of the crown. Below shows some images of the models we can use, the Trios Ready Program Certificate and an example of a scan from intraoral scanners. 

If you would like more information please contact us on 01444 236686.

Our dedicated Milling room for the Ceramill Motion 2 DNA

and Ceramill Motion 2.

Machines hard at work.


 IOS Information

Send your IOS files to us using the following email address :

Alternative options : Trios, Medit Link, DS Core, NB. we are discoverable using our email address to establish your connection

Any questions you may have please either email or telephone 01444236686 

One of our 3Shape Scanners used to scan our products, and to design from Intaoral scans from dental surgeries with Trios or similar scanners.